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Our Adaptive Learning Engine adapts and adjusts to the learning strategy pathway that suits each student best. End Result: Better Learning Outcomes!

Advanced Placement MOOC Series

We are currently developing a series of Advanced Placement MOOCs, which are targeted towards high school students who will be preparing for AP ® examinations.

Our first phase of the MOOC series will be the 11 STEM related courses. We will also produce a series of pre-AP MOOCs because we know that you can't get to AP if you don't master the ealier fundamentals. Through the series, we hope that we will be able to:

  • Help more students gain proficiency overall in both STEM and other courses.
  • Attract more students to STEM Careers.
  • Broaden the representation of under-represented groups.
  • Increase technological, quantitative, and scientific literacy.
  • Leverage our innovative technology to assist millions of students nationwide.
Our first MOOC in the series, Mastering Fundamentals of Physics, has recieved funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support the development of the course.


Supported by NSF SBIR Grant 1314984


Mastering Fundamentals of Physics

Our Physics MOOC, the first in our series, is designed to prepare students for many of the concepts contained in Advance Placement (AP®) Physics B and C exams, as well as additional material that is normally covered in a first course in College Physics.

Each course in the series of MOOCS is highly adaptive employing a total of five different learning strategies. The brain-based adaptive learning approach is extremely effective and has demonstrated a very successful learning outcome for students with individual learning needs.

Knowledge Checks in Mastering Fundamentals of Physics

Making Adaptive Courses

The Adaptive Instructional Design Toolchain

AMOL, our LMS and authoring tool, is capable of delivering adaptive education in any field of study.

AMOL (Adaptive MObile Learning) is the only SaaS solution that allows you to create adaptive online courses, for educators, insitutes and corporations.

  • AMOL is our Adaptive Learning Management System
  • First in the next generation of Adaptive Mobile Learning products
  • Allows you to create mobile adaptive courses online, in the cloud
  • Manages student progress/performance, with no IT headaches

Create adaptive courses just as you like, with step-by-step instruction. Add course content, activities, assignments, tests/quizzes, link to the Web, add rich multimedia content, and publish your adaptive course.

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Educational Institutions:

Teach Better with Adaptive Capabilities

How can institutions benefit from Adaptive Learning?

Institutions typically spend thousands of dollars to recruit students. However, students often end up dropping out because school was overwhelming and
not what they expected.

Institutions that take advantage of our AMOL™ technology can expect to achieve or improve the following three crucial administrative and instructional goals:

  • Improve revenues through higher retention
  • Improve faculty productivity and quality of education
  • Identify motivated students who will likely enrol in many other programs offered

Industry Partners:

Create Future Talent

Restoring the STEM pipeline

As demand outpaces our supply of professionally qualified workers, STEM-oriented corporations in the United States continue to outsource vacant positions.

Today, aMOOCs are the most robust tool available to address the limited adaptability of traditional institutionalized education to our society’s changing needs.

Together with industry partners, we aim to:

  • Conduct imporant research on the new advances in online learning
  • Continually iterate based on new research findings
  • Create more content and instruction with our adaptive mobile platform
  • Work with strategic partners to bring this innovative learning technology to a broader population
  • Broaden the STEM pipeline for qualified candidates
  • Provide a tool to help more minority and underprivileged canditates get a quality education
  • Help solve an impending problem in this country
Fowler Ridge Wind Farm, BP